when adam delved and eve span, who was then the gentleman? (john ball (peasant' revolt of 1381 (the solid man saved by his sillied woman. crackajolking away like a hearse on fire. the elm that whimpers at the top told the stone that moans when stricken. wind broke it. wave bore it. reed wrote of it. syce ran with it. hand tore it and wild went war. hen trieved it and plight pledged peace. it was folded with cunning, sealed with crime, uptied by a harlot, undone by a child. it was life but was it fair? it was free but was it art? ( finnegans wake ( james joyce (charge of the light brigade / half a league, half a league, half a league onward, all in the valley of death rode the six hundred / forward, the light brigade! / charge for the guns! / he said / into the valley of death rode the six hundred  / alfred, lord tennyson (het complete schilderboek van ferdinand peer
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