piblokto /a form of hysteria. i have never known a child to have piblokto; but some one among the adult eskimos would have an attack every day or two, and one day there were five cases. the immediate cause of this affection is hard to trace, though sometimes it seems to be the result of a brooding over absent or dead relatives, or a fear of the future. the manifestations of this disorder are somewhat startling. the patient, usually a woman, begins to scream and tear off and destroy her clothing. if on the ship, she will walk up and down the deck, screaming and gesticulating, and generally in a state of nudity, though the thermometer may be in the minus forties. as the intensity of the attack increases, she will sometimes leap over the rail upon the ice, running perhaps half a mile. the attack may last a few minutes, an hour, or even more, and some sufferers become so wild that they would continue running about on the ice perfectly naked until they froze to death, if they